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Tractors Power 2: A Multi-Ton Balancing Act 

Tractors Power 2 is a fast pace third-person driving game. Players are able to get behind the wheel of one of three large vehicles, the first of which is a bulldozer. In Tractors Power 2, similar to Tractors Power 1, the name of the game is balance. Think of this game as a tightrope walking exercise for a multi-ton machine. Using the up and down keyboard arrows to guide the speed of the machine, players also use the left and right keyboard arrows to balance the apparatus attached to the machine.

The goal of this game is to gather as many points as possible by running over various obstacles ranging from chickens to crates of tomatoes. The faster you drive your vehicle in this frenzy of crushing mayhem, the more points you gather. In order to unlock new vehicles, you must gather enough points to reach higher levels.

While speed is always an incentive, balancing the tractor that you are driving is quite challenging. With that in mind, the fear of flipping the truck lingers constantly during game play. By maintaining a good balance between wanton speed and precision balance, a player is able to race across a farm landscape.

This game has a number of attractive features including exciting graphics, fluid game play, and standard sound options. In addition, the level structure of the game lends itself to a good replay value. Furthermore, Tractors Power 2 allows players to learn how to control three types of vehicles. With that in mind, this single online game is actually three games rolled into one.

As a cherry on top, players are able to do tricks during the last leg of the race as they approach the finish line. These tricks add to the total point score of the race. Tractors Power 2 is a face paced, skill based game that will keep you coming back again and again!