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The Speed Bus Game Review

The Speed Bus Game Review

Being a school bus driver is very crucial job because you are responsible for the lives of all your passengers as well as the other motorist on the road. You have to make sure that everybody will reach their destination as safe as possible. But what if the school bus is being hijacked by terrorist and they placed a bomb inside the bus? Would you still want to be the driver of that bus? In this article, are going to know more about this popular bus game entitled the Speed Bus. This article will also serve as a review of this game so that online players will be able to have an idea about what to expect if they will choose to play this game.

Overview Of The Game

The Speed Bus game is one of the many school bus games that can be played on the internet for free. The objective of the game is to keep the bus running within the indicated speed limit while chasing the terrorist who are trying to run away. Make sure that the bus is running not too fast nor too slow or the bomb will be triggered to explode. Chase the terrorist riding on the 5 black cars and destroy them while maintaining your pace at the same time. The game is loosely based on the early 90's hit movie entitled "Speed" which starred Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

Review Of The Speed Bus Game

Now we'll check on some important aspects of this game in order for use to understand the game a little bit more.

1. Game controls - The game can be controlled with the use of the mouse and the keyboard: Up (accelerate); Down (brake); Left (move left); Right (move right); Mouse (menu page interaction). The controls of this game are pretty much similar to the usual school bus games on the internet. The game is set on a top view perspective, but the controls can be likened to that of front view type of a car racing game.

2. Difficulty - The concept of the game is pretty straightforward and all you have to do is maneuver the bus on the highway so that you can avoid the cars blocking your way and to get close to your targets. No complex actions are required to reach in reaching you objective. Just make sure that you are running within the specified speed range while chasing the terrorist so that the bomb will not explode. Timing and the sense of foresight are the skill required in playing this game so that you will be able to avoid bumping other cars. The Speed Bus game is recommended for kids aged 7 years old and up.

3. Graphics and design - There's nothing fancy about the graphics of this game. This game might have been made some time in the early 2000's because it of the way the illustrations were conceptualized. It's not that complex and it's not that dull either.

Final Verdict

Due to the moderate conceptualization of the design, the overall rating for the Speed Bus game is 7 out of 10. So experience the thrill of the chase and know why kids are so crazy about this game. Enjoy playing!