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The School Bus License 3 Game Review

The School Bus License 3 Game Review

School Bus License 3
School Bus License 3
Can't get enough of the School Bus License fever? Wanna get back into the bus and show your stuff again? Then it's time to play the School Bus License 3 and go on to the next challenge of your riding game. Stick around co'z we are going to talk about the said game as well make a review about it so that all you gamers out there will get to feel the game before actually playing it.

The Description Of This Game

The School Bus License 3 is the latest installment of the successful school bus driving series of games playable for free. The game offers the same usual flavor, but 3 times the fun and riding excitement. The same format of the game follows where you have to go through some driving tests before picking up kids and taking them into their point of destination. Pick up these children as fast as you can because you will still be racing against time while rolling your wheels in the city. Show you mastery of driving skills that you learned from the last 2 renditions of this game (here and here) and still go home being a winner of this school bus driving game.

The Review Of The School Bus License 3 Game

Let us once again evaluate each and every important aspects of this third game and make a review on each of the following areas:

1. Controls of this game - The game stills follows that same format of controllers being utilized in the last 2 games. Nothing much has changed with respect to this area of the game so that avid players of the School Bus License can avoid the hassle of familiarizing the controls and move right away into the gaming mode. Still, the controls are very basic and easy to memorize so the rating for this area of the game is still 10 of 10.

2. Level of difficultly - The level of difficulty with respect to this game has gone from hard to the insanely hard. But don't take this in a negative way because if you have been playing the last 2 games of the series, you will find that it's only fitting to increase the difficulty level to make the game more interesting than the 2. Think of it as another upgrade to the series so that regular players will not feel bored or fed up, so as to maintain the excitement factor in the game. This area of the game deserves a rating of perfect 10.

3. Graphics - The graphics are sweet! It follows the same designed as the ones being shown on the last 2 games (only better). The gaming environment exudes as feeling of thrill, a kind of feeling you don't usually get when playing free online games. This will help in making the gamers glued into their seats and would hope of seeing another version of this game in the near future. As for this area of this game, it's also fitting enough that it should be given a perfect score since the graphics are definitely awesome!


There's no doubt that the School Bus License 3 game will get an overall perfect score because all areas of the game are great. So try this game today and see if it's worth to have a fourth rendition.