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The Long Bus Driver 2 Game Review

The Long Bus Driver 2 Game Review

Long Bus Driver 2 Game
Long Bus Driver 2 Game
Isn't it great to hop on a bus and ride anywhere in your neighborhood? It sure is a great experience to do this at least once in your life. Would you want to try it today even while you're just sitting in front of your PC? Then it's about time you should try this game called the Long Bus Driver Game 2 and in this article we are going to know more about this popular flash game. This review is made for the purpose of giving an overview to would-be players who are interested to play this game and enjoy the bus ride of their lives.

Overview Of The Game

The Long Bus Driver game belongs to the bus driving games category and is slowly been recognized as a hit to avid flash gaming enthusiast. In this game, you as the player will get to ride a bus and drive along the residential suburb. Take the bus to the destination indicated on the map and follow the correct route to get there. Avoid bumping into any of the moving cars, road blocks, and even pedestrians to prevent your ride from being damaged. There are 17 levels for this game and you are given one life to reach to your assigned destination. Be careful when driving on the streets so that you won't lose a turn and start all over again. Complete all the 17 levels so that you will be able to win the entire game.


Review Of The Long Bus Driver 2 Game


Now let us try to check some important areas of this game and make a review on each one of them basing on their performance:

1. Game controls - The game can be played with the use of the mouse and the arrow keys on the keyboard as your main controllers:

 - Up (accelerate)

 - Down (drive backwards)

 - Left (steer to the left)

 - Right (steer to the right)

 - Space bar (hand brake)

 - mouse (menu page and end of level interaction)

The controls being used in this game are patterned to the standard format of controls being used in most bus driving games. No special keys are used to maneuver to bus to its destination point.

2. Game play - What makes this game interesting is the fact that you can customize the color of the bus you are going to drive. This feature is usually seen at the starting point of the game. Aside from that, the controls also allow you to use the hand brake which sets it apart from other bus driving games. This feature is very useful since the left and right controls are quite sensitive that even the slightest click will cause the bus to do a very sharp turn. The gore factor can also be seen in this game in case you hit a pedestrian by accident. However, you should avoid doing this because you have to repeat the level again once you hit somebody by accident. This game is recommended for kids ages 7-12 years old.

3. Graphics and design - The graphics being used are very similar to any conventional flash games with interactive characters and intricate details. It is suitable for the gamers who are supposed to play this game.



The overall rating for the long bus driver game is 8 out of 10. So if you wanna try this game today, just try to access some of the flash gaming website offering this game and hone your skills in parking buses. Have a great time playing!


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