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The Farm Delivery Game Review

The Farm Delivery Game Review

Farm Delivery Game
Farm Delivery Game
Car games have many variants including racing, parking, tractor, truck, and more. Each of them has plenty of titles as well. One of the most popular types is tractor delivery game, which allows you to act as a farmer or tractor driver who needs to bring a lot of crops to your house. Almost all tractor games of this type are very similar in gameplay. A good example is Farm Delivery flash game, which you can play for free via Internet. In general, it is a simple car tractor-driving game yet challenging enough to bring some amusements during your spare time.


As indicated earlier, Farm Delivery is very similar to other games of the same type. You will basically need to deliver your crops by using truck to your house. You will drive an old tractor that pulls that truck. The track that leads to your house goes straight; it does have any turning, so you will only need to accelerate and brake. The gameplay is enjoyable in almost all aspects, except that you need to drive very slowly in order to keep your cargo in the truck. It is a steep road; if you are not driving carefully enough, you may lose all of your crops.

The game has 8 levels with each of them has a different steep road for you to go through. At some levels, you also need to carry various types of cargo on your truck. The track is actually short, but it may take time to reach the house since you have to drive slowly at some points. Before the game starts, your cargo will be loaded to the truck. There is a lantern at the start line; you will need to wait until the lantern is turned on before you can begin driving.

As the level goes up, the cargo will be more difficult to carry to the house and the track is more difficult to beat. Fortunately, the control buttons are easy so you should not find any difficulty in playing the game. Farm Delivery only uses arrow keys; Up Arrow key for accelerating, while Down Arrow for braking. Right and Left arrow keys are for balancing the vehicle.

Graphic Quality

As a simple flash game, the overall graphic quality is very nice. Of course, it would be wrong to expect any 3D graphic feature, but Farm Delivery provides enough visual treatments in its range. It is actually a quite colorful game, where you can see a blue rusty tractor, wooden house, yellow lantern, and so on. The interface is also nicely designed; all indicators and game options are completely displayed yet they do not clutter the game-play. The current level, score, and time are on the top of the screen. Other options including restart, exit, sound, and music are located at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Moreover, track progress is as well displayed at the bottom of the screen.


All in all, Farm Delivery is one of some good tractor delivery games that you can play for free via the Internet. The interface is clean and the graphic is nicely designed. It can be a good game choice to have fun time playing during your short lunch break.

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