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The City Bus Drive Game Review

The City Bus Drive Game Review

City Bus Drive
City Bus Drive
Do you want to be a bus driver even for a day? Picking up passengers on the streets and earn money while you can? Then you should play the City Bus Drive game and get in touch with some of the conventional activities we usually encounter in our daily lives. This article is created to give a review about the game so that avid flash gamer an overview about this game.

Game Overview

The City Bus Drive game is a type of online free game. It has been categorized as a game included in the bus driving games category and it has been recognized as one of the coolest bus driving games today. The basic concept of this game is derived from the idea of a public bus picking up passengers on a daily basis. In other words, this can be considered as a simulation of a typical bus scenario that happens each and every day. You as the bus driver will have to drive the bus around the town and pick up the passengers that are shown in the mini map of the game. Make sure to avoid any collisions as well as getting hit by other vehicles that might come your way to prevent the bus from getting damaged. The more passengers picked up, the more chances of earning money (considered as points in the game) and move you way to the next level.


Review Of The City Bus Drive Game

Let us evaluate the main areas of this game and give a review on all of them:

1. Controls of the game - The controllers used in the City Bus Drive game includes the arrow keys of the keyboard and the mouse: Up (drive frontward); Down (drive backwards); Right (steer right); Left (steer left); Mouse (menu and in-between level interaction). All of these are being set up in such a way that it would follow the standards controls use in a typical flash driving game. You are given one life to complete you objective in every level. Once the bus is totally wrecked, you will one turn and will have to start the level all over again.

2. Level of difficulty - The level of difficulty with respect to this game is more difficult compared to games because of the following:

- Over-sensitivity of the control keys - The bus makes very sharp turns even at the slightest touch of the controls, making it difficult to maneuver most of the time.

- Unusual positioning of the vehicle - A typical bus game usually starts with the bus facing the upward position to avoid the user from being confused with controlling the vehicle. But for this game, the bus is facing downward most of the time which somehow causing an issue when it comes to controlling the vehicle because it's turning or driving the other way around.

Since there is a bit of complexity with respect to how the game is being played, this game is suitable for older kids and teenagers who want to learn the basics of driving.

3. Gaming graphics - The background design is very comparable to that of a ordinary flash game. Nothing fancy has been shown in the graphics area, but the fun factor is still present.


The overall rating of the City Bus Drive game is an astounding 8 out of 10. So why won't you try this driving game and see if you got what it takes to be a city bus driver? Enjoy playing!


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