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The Batman Car Racing Game Review

The Batman Car Racing Game Review

Batman Car Racing
Batman Car Racing
Do you want to get a chance in driving the iconic Batmobile car of the Dark Knight? Do you want to get a taste of riding one of the most popular fictional vehicles ever created? If you're itching to step on the gas then it's time that you should play this game entitled the Batman Car Racing game. And in this article, we are going explore further this game and make a review about it. This article is created so that avid flash players will know what to expect if they choose to play this game.

The Overview Of The Game

The objective of the game is to play as Batman and race his awesome ride into the night and save the city on time. Race through every level in the shortest possible time to earn more points. Use your arrow keys to drive and maintain the balance of the Batmobile to prevent it from crashing into the ground. Make sure to maneuver the car as skilfully as possible to avoid losing a turn and restart the level again. Pick up the Bat signs that people threw on the road as clues in order to gain bonus points. Don't lose your way and get to Gotham City on time before it's too late.


 The Review Of The Batman Car Racing Game

Let us look into the main components of this game and give an honest review on each of their performance:

1. Game controllers - The Batman Car Racing game uses the mouse and the keyboard as its main controllers: Up (drive forward); Down (drive in reverse); mouse (interaction to in-between and the menu of the game). The controls being used are slightly different from the standard racing controls because it only comprise of 2 keyboard functions (of course with the inclusion of the mouse controls). There are 10 levels in this game and you to go through all the levels in order to win the entire game.

2. Difficulty of the game - The level of difficulty is very easy that even a 3 year old kid can play this game and complete all the levels without any assistance from anyone. Due to the simplicity of the game, most gamers will surely finish this game in no time. But even if the game is so easy, skills in balancing the Batmobile is still necessary. This game is suitable for your flash gamers within the 4-10 years old range, but even the older players can still enjoy this game.

3. Graphics and design - The graphics being used are not as good as other Batman racing games. The Batmobile may be accurate in terms of the representation. However, it shows a very peculiar movement once driven as it shows a flowing motion which is very unlikely in a muscular car. In addition to this, the tracks being shown look more of a walled brick rather than a rough gravel pavement.



Due to the lack of flare in the graphics area, the overall rating of the Batman Car Racing game is 8 out of 10. Try this game today and be like Batman for a day.


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