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Spongebob School Bus is On

Spongebob School Bus
Spongebob School Bus
Despite his questionable driving with boats, Spongebob's capability to deliver students home safely depends only on you. The game begins by loading a straightforward menu your little ones (and even your technophobe grandfather) should have no trouble navigating. You have the option of muting the volume, changing the quality of the game (low quality, medium quality, and high quality, respectively), and offering a well-earned thumbs up on Facebook.

The controls are equally engaging in their simplicity, and are available both in-game and listed just below it. To get started, use the up arrow key to accelerate the bus. The down arrow key will yield the same results, except the bus will move in reverse. The left or right arrow key will help you lean to either side, keeping the bus upright; otherwise, you'll flip the vehicle, students and all, and watch helplessly as the tires come undone and roll away, ending the game.

Familiar scenery in the background (notably Oyster Stadium and the all too familiar flowers adorning the sky) is sure to delight any fan of the series. Level 1 is just easy enough without being boring to help ease you into things. The faster you go, the more work it will be to keep all four wheels on the ground. Upon reaching the house of a student, a bubble with their picture will appear, at which point you'll need to hit the space bar to drop them off. If you zoom too far past a house or find yourself trapped, you can restart the level by clicking "restart" in the top left corner.

As the levels progress, you'll be given more students, more obstacles, and at times you'll pass several houses that no one lives in.

Overall, Spongebob School Bus is an addictive game fans of any age will enjoy.