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School Bus Parking - Interesting School Bus Game


School Bus Parking is one distinguishable flash game categorized under racing genre. Instead of requiring the player to race against other bus drivers, this game only asks to park the school bus. It really sounds very simple, but without any skill, you may need some minutes to park the bus properly in the reserved spot. Please keep in mind that a school bus is not a small vehicle; it is even comparable to the size on an RV. Driving a school bus through a busy road is probably an easy task, but parking the big vehicle is a completely different story.

From the beginning, this game is as simple as it can be. All that you need to know about objectives and control buttons are delivered comprehensively. There will be a spot marked with "Parking" on which you have to park the bus. There is no time limitation, you can easily and carefully drive the bus without bothering the time. The game even allows for maximum 5 bumps (5 lives). Spending all the lives means that you need to restart the game from the first level.

The controls are very user-friendly; arrow keys are assigned to move the bus and Space button functions as brake. In most cases, player may not need to use the brake at all; once you stop pressing the Up arrow key, the bus will as well stop immediately.

Each time you manage to pass a level, the only indication that appears is a sudden change of the screen, which brings an access to the next stage. By default, the camera view is set to let the player see the vehicle from above. It is good that player can clearly see the vehicle's position and the destined parking spot. After few minutes of playing, anyone can master this game without major difficulties. The score is only given at the end of the game; you will not see a score for each of the levels passed.

Basically, the title of the game says it all; you act as a school bus driver and need to park the vehicle properly; School Bus Parking is a very simple game with simple objectives. It is almost perfectly correct to say that this game is made for entertainment purpose only. So, if you have a spare time during break in the office, this game is just perfect for you. It is amusing, slightly challenging, and very easy to play.