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Mountain ATV Review: Skip or Play?

ATV games are the latest trend in Flash gaming. Mountain ATV is one such online game in which users maneuver an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) through an adventurous landscape. This article gives a quick review of Mountain ATV.

Game Plot

Mountain ATV is set in a rugged terrain through which the player drives the ATV. The main screen is beautifully illustrated with a computer-generated graphic of a rider atop his ATV. The controls are specified clearly in the "How to Play" page. The entire game is controlled through the arrow keys: up and down keys move the ATV towards left and right while left and right arrow keys balance the ATV in either direction. The direction of the ATV is changed by pressing the enter key. There are many levels, laid out in the style of an arcade game. The player must collect diamonds (blue colored) and amethysts (purple colored) to gather points.

What Rocks in Mountain ATV

This ATV game does not take long to prove its worth. The first frame of the screen is flat terrain but just a few seconds in the game and you will be hooked. The designers of the game have designed the ATV vehicle to be very responsive. Therefore, just a little input from the user from the arrow keys generates a whole lot of movement. This makes the game very challenging for a player can be swiftly traversing the terrain and then as swiftly toppling over and loosing. Mountain ATV requires utmost diligence from the player.

The graphics are meticulously designed. When the player changes direction or balances to left or right, the ATV driver matches the controls with animated movements. The sound track is fitting to a racing game with added sounds for when the ATV takes sharp turns, collects points and turns over.

What Could Have Been Better

Although the controls are well-specified through illustrations, users can't test them before the game. Dynamic instructions page where users can practice controls before starting the actual game have become very common in online Flash games and Mountain ATV falls back a step here. Sometimes, pressing the enter key several times in a row can temporarily disable the ATV's ability to change direction.

All in all, Mountain ATV is definitely a game worth playing. Although a notch below other ATV games where you can race with other players and choose your ATV and driver's attire, Mountain ATV wins for its sensitive controls and challenging terrain.