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The big, yellow school bus has now taken a new form as ‘Monster Bus Rampage’, to hold the attention of younger generation. For those mischievous kids who love destruction, this game would surely be one of their best bus driving  games of their lifetime. Many may wonder what’s new in this ‘Monster Bus Rampage’, as they would have mastered Short Bus Rampage, School Bus Driver, and so on. One of the ravishing features of the game is that the big, yellow school bus which was always played with its top view facing us, now turns out into a 3D real bus. If you are still not pleased, let’s take a look into the game’s many other outstanding features.

The ‘Monster Bus Rampage’ is another unique gift by the Cargames55 and was officially published on May 2011. Unlike the ‘Short Bus Rampage’, wherein you will have to rampage through the town killing people and escaping from the cop, this game concentrates on the destruction of cars, boxes, and most probably everything that hinders your goal to reach the destination. This game also uniquely combines the features of both monster truck games and the exciting high speed racing games. That would definitely be an exhilarating experience for those players who are looking forward to a new challenging environment.

The ‘Monster Bus Rampage’ game

Given the perfect huge wheels for the bad road conditions, you, the player, has the responsibility to take charge of the yellow bus, and has to drive around the city. It’s not that easy as it sounds. You will be highly blocked by cop cars, upturned vehicles and several other automotives. Your main objective is to take your bus, crossing all the obstacles, successfully to the finishing lines. Once you reach there, you will be automatically directed to the next level. The enthusiastic background music will, definitely, make your ride more exciting.

At the beginning part of the game, you will have to choose one among the three levels of toughness – simple, standard and tough. You will be given ‘Simple’ by default, while the standard and tough remains locked, which you will have to unlock by successfully completing each level of toughness. This is because, the game carefully determines whether you are strong enough to take part in the final level. You will have to prove yourself to the game, by your rampaging skills. Once you have chosen your level, you will have to ride through the obstacles without getting flipped over.

You will be given five lives, three powers and a small map which will guide you to the destination. As you go, try collecting gold coins to boost up your score and complete a 360 degree stunt to collect powers. Once you complete three levels, you can grab your cup. It maybe a bronze, silver or gold based on your performance. You can post your final score online in order to make your rampaging skills visible to all other online players. Spotted as one of the best driving flash games, it is sure that ‘Monster Bus Rampage’ will be an adorable journey for every fun-loving player.