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Monster ATV - Car Racing Game For Kids

ATV or All-terrain vehicle is like a motorcycle but it has four wheels, four huge wheels. Perhaps many people have dreamt of having an ATV because it is awesome. Have you ever ridden one? It looks fun watching those ATVs driving through rough terrains and all those stuff right? Well if you cannot afford to go and rent or buy yourself a nice ATV, do not worry because you can still experience a nice ride on a monster ATV.

Monster ATV is set in a two-dimensional setting which implies that the character that you control moves in left and right, and also can go up when going up a ramp and also go down when descending on a hill or inclined plane. The game has good graphics quality and catchy gameplay. The game Moster ATV is a superb kids car racing game for players who are looking for rough terrains and nice tricks. The game offers a series of terrains like plains and hills wherein tires varying in sizes, cars, ramps, tunnel-like structures are all around the level to help you perform tricks OR get your life count to reach zero. Even though you will not get hurt when your character's ATV blows up, sometimes it can be frustrating going through some difficult terrains all over again, so be careful in doing awesome and dangerous tricks.

The controls are simple, just the old-fashioned arrow keys. The "Up arrow" key moves your character forward, the "Down arrow" key moves your character backward, the "Left arrow" key makes your character lean backwards making the ATV's front wheels to rise and the ATV to tilt counterclockwise direction, the "Right arrow" key makes your character lean forward making the ATV's back wheels to rise and the ATV to tilt in a clockwise direction. The left and right arrow keys are useful in balancing the ATV so that you can avoid damaging yourself and the ATV, the arrow keys are also used when doing tricks. If ever you would need to go the the bathroom or somewhere, you can pause the game by pressing "P" on the keyboard. Be careful where you stop the ATV when you leave the screen for a while because the ATV rolls downhill if you don't pause the game, which might end up with a boom. The music is good, but if you would like to listen to some of your own music, you can turn the game's music down by pressing the "M" key on the keyboard.

You will go through fun and daring levels, with a health bar and 3 lives. When you flip your ATV upside down and hit the ground, you will lose a life and then you will have to restart that particular level. When all lives are spet in the game, it is Game Over. In the game, there are floating circle things with varied yellow-colored prints, the cirle printed with a star will give you points, and then the circle printed with a wrench will increase to your health, of course there is also a circle which decreases your health so be careful of what circles you get in the level.