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What is Mine Escape - Tractor Driving Game?

Mine Escape is a fun tractor driving game that involves mines and is quite unique. It is one of the few games that is actually interesting and involves solving a mystery. The game is actually a fun adventure game.

The game has a simple plot line and idea. The goal is to get out of the mine as soon as possible through the mine. It definitely is amazing how this game can require a bit of hard work. The mine naturally collapses very often, and you will find that it is quite tough to actually get out of the escape as soon as possible.

How to play

When you are playing, you must gradually get as many items as possible. There are several things that you must pick up with your tractor throughout the game, all of which are important for you to get.

If you want to play an exciting and adventurous tractor game that is fun and has a simple concept, this is worth investing your time in. The game is fun, different, and has a unique twist to the original show. The game is not that hard to beat once you have played it a few times. However, escaping everything isn't exactly that easy. This is when you must learn how to go by faster in the game. The mine can collapse in any minute, so you must get out as soon as you possibly can. The points you earn can be substantial once you find the perfect gems.

If you play on a certain browser and the game doesn't play so well, it is recommended to change browsers, because the game can play better on other browsers.