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Mario Tractor 2013 Review


A combination of racing and action game is probably a common thing now, but a blend between platform and tractor driving games is still quite a rarity. One of the good examples of such game is Mario Tractor 2013. All gamers all around the world are familiar with Mario; he is the main character of many famous games such as Super Mario, Mario Bros, and more. Mario Tractor takes some important aspects from some of Mario games including the sound tracks, characters, and their classic gameplay features. However, Mario and his friends are now tractor drivers and collecting coins from the platforms.

Game Overview

Mario Tractor 2013 is not a remake of the widely popular Mario games; in fact, it can be regarded as a transformation into a real different type of game. The original Mario games feature some jumping actions on the platforms in order to collect points, while Mario Tractor introduces some vehicles to help the characters to capture coins. Another great transformation is that the new variant of Mario introduces the options to use different characters such as Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and of course Mario. In fact, Luigi is the first available character, while Mario is the last one to be available.


Basically, the gameplay emphasizes on the tractor-driving adventure; it only takes the background music, characterizations, and some parts of the platforms from the original game. In general, player needs to move a tractor to reach the finish line and captures some coins from the track. The score is based on the amount of time a player needs to finish the track and the number of coin captured. There are 8 levels in total; the player needs to beat them all to win the game. Control buttons are fairly easy; Mario Tractor 2013 uses only the arrow keys to move and balance the vehicle.