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Driving Fun With London Bus 2

If you think of London, there are lots of images that come into your mind. There are historic buildings like Big Ben and the Tower of London, the Royal Family and cultural hotspots like the British Museum and Royal Albert Hall, but one of the most iconic images is the big red buses that travel around the city.

Flash game London Bus 2 is one of the bus games that will give you a chance to drive one of these buses around the streets of London.

The original London Bus game was a fun but challenging driving game, and the sequel, London Bus 2, is continuing that tradition but has lots of added features.

The aim of the game is simple - steer your big red bus around the tight streets of London and stop in the designated areas.  You have to navigate corners, walls, traffic islands, pedestrians and other cars as you try to reach your goal.

Controlling the bus is also simple.  The bus is controlled with the arrow keys and you can move forward, reverse and turn left and right.  To brake, you use the space bar.  It doesn't take long to master these controls and you can soon be speeding around London!

Graphically it's very simple as it uses a top down view, but this is all London Bus 2 needs as it makes it easy to drive around the map and see where you need to go next.  The sound is also basic but some of the sound effects such as the noise of your bus running over someone are strangely fun!

When driving the bus it is best to remember that in London, people drive on the left hand side of the road.  Driving on the right can cause problems with the other cars and you can find yourself blocked in as you can't drive off the map.  There are some tactics and tricks to succeeding in this game!

As tempting as it is to drive around the London Bus 2 map as quickly as possible, it's not a good idea.  It is an open top bus that you're driving, and passengers can fall from the bus if you take corners too quickly!  Taking corners too slowly makes them difficult to navigate, but too quickly results in crashes.  To complete the levels you need to find a good balance between driving carefully and driving quickly. Also, if you damage the bus three times during a level, by either crashing into walls or other cars, then you have to restart.

Luckily, the other cars don't want to cause you damage and will slow down and stop if they see you coming.  They won't get out of your way, but they will stop short of crashing into you.  The pedestrians aren't quite as sensible and will gladly step out in front of your bus on pedestrian crossings, regardless of whether you stop or not.

While playing the game you can unlock achievements and trophies.  Some of them are for skillful driving, such as clearing three levels without taking damage, but others are more fun.  Hit three pedestrians in one level, for example, and you can get the Road Rage award.

London Bus 2 is a fun flash driving game that requires some skill to complete well.  So, get in the bus and go for a drive around jolly old London!