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Jet Bus Game Review

Bus games are an interesting genre. They can be  boring or fun depending on the extent of the game developer's imagination. Some may require you to display your planning and arranging skills, others may require you to have flawless timing and a sense of speed. Others still ask that you possess some level of strategy to complete the game. It's all up to the developer. Jet Bus is a surprising little game, that can achieve what many bus games fail to do, provide an enjoyable gameplay experience that can border on addiction for the user.

On observing Jet Bus, you may realise that it is a pretty simple looking game. It has no impressive images to wow you, nor does it have any catchy music or presentation. Everything is done in a classic old school style that at first, slightly disappoints you then endears you to it's simple, brightly coloured premise. You play a bus driver in the future, because the Bus is flying. They even give you a little story on why this is, which is a really neat touch. Your job as the driver is to control the bus as you ascent and decent between the buildings to pick up passengers  waiting in each respective building. You proceed from level to level based on how much money you earn from your passengers. The longer you make them wait, the less money you receive. The real challenge is the control of this floating bus. The rougher your landing gets, the more damage is given which can end the game.

The game, while simple enough in premise require excellent co-ordination and good timing. You are expected to use the cursor as the directional keypad with X as brake, Z to use nitrous and C to teleport. At times you must be patient because passenger after passenger emerges out of the building. The game has it's moments of cuteness and a bit nostalgia for it's old school game style. Under the surface, it gets deeper. You can upgrade your bus (or taxi for the passengers in the game) with your earnings and give it more nitrous oxide or better brakes even though it's not really necessary to use these until after some practice. You can even choose a range of different buses as you progress through the game! It has different difficulty levels too. To make it more difficult, they added some tweaks such as a time limit and more risk to your passenger.

This game is not for everyone though. It requires some extent of patience. Also, you may not know what building the passenger wants to go to, and here it can get confusing, which one of the few flaws to the game.Some players may not like the simple look with the  challenging gameplay. The game is very user friendly though, with an opportunity to save your progress and give unlimited gameplay. The controls can be very specific , so for someone who is not used to precision in a game- they could still try it to see if they would like it. It deserves a second look and it gives a unique gameplay experience that can be quite rewarding.