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Play Fix My Bus

Have you ever played the Flash game called "Fix My Bus" online?  I just played it for the first time and if you have a few minutes to forget about everything and just want to entertain yourself with a little Flash game online, you might want to check it out.

You cannot play this game for hours and hours like puzzle games and word games, or other bus games where you keep leveling up once you master a certain level, but you can play it if you just want to mess around a little bit for a few minutes.  There are no special skills or prior knowledge needed to play this game and really, it is as easy as pie.

When you play this simple game you are presented with the different parts of a bus on the screen, unassembled, with a two minute countdown timer at the top of the game window. You have two minutes to drag and drop all the parts of a typical city transit bus and put it all back together. In case you wondered where the name of the game came from, this means you are basically "fixing" a bus that has been disassembled. You are putting it together to make it whole again. Basically, if you want to make it competitive, you can do it several times to see how fast you can construct the bus.  Really, you should be able to do it in 30 seconds or less. Anything over that and I am afraid you are a bit slow! Since you cannot compete with anyone else in this game, it makes it fun to compete with yourself and your own time. Once you are done assembling the bus, you click "Done" and then you are on to the second part of the game.

On the second part of "Fix My Bus" you get to customize the look and design of your bus. You can change what the windows look like, the style of hubcabs on the wheels, and the placement of the door. In addition to that, you can change the design and the color scheme according to your preference. You can make the bus yellow with some slick orange and red flames, or a checkered style with pink and several other different colors.  There are a few other color schemes, some with designs such as a little sunset scene. There are a few separate parts of the bus which can change color based on your choices. You can change the color scheme at the bottom of the bus below the side windows, the front section around the windshield, and the top side of the bus. Also, you can change the color of the little frame around the scrolling electrical sign above the windshield.

Once you have decided on your design, there is nothing left to be done in playing "Fix My Bus" unless you want to play it again to try and beat your time.  It's not the greatest game in the world, but if you have a few minutes to kill you might enjoy wasting a little time to de-stress and get your mind off things for a while. Also don't forget to checkout other game categories like car racing games for kids and atv games,  packed with addicting racing and bike games.