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Farmer Teds Tractor Rush: What to Expect

Farmer Teds Tractor Rush is an arcade game which has become a favorite of many online flash gamers in the little while of its existence. This game leaves a mark among the myriad of tractor pulling games available today. What exactly should you expect of Farmer Teds Tractor Rush? Read on to find out.

The Plot

Farmer Teds Tractor Rush is set in a rustic landscape. Ted, the farmer needs to transport 4 crates of produce placed in a lorry attached to his tractor across farmland with mounds of earth. The game is controlled by arrow keys. The aim is to progress through the landscape without letting the crates fall out while a timer ticks in the bottom right corner of the screen. When all four of the crates have fallen out, the game is over and your score is displayed. There are 12 levels and the landscape gets more challenging as you progress.

Farmer Teds Tractor Rush: What Rules

The controls and movements of the game are absolutely wonderful. For example, if you press the reverse button too much, your tractor can end up on the top of the lorry! All graphic elements are finely detailed. For example, you can see the shape of the fruits in the crate. The color theme bends towards cool pastel colors.

What Could Have Been Better

The sound track is good enough but it sounds a little outdated like it was composed in the late 80s or 90s for a video game. Also, there are no Unlike most games, where timer starts only after the player has initiated the first movement, in Farmer Teds Tractor Rush the timer starts off right after you hit start/restart button.

Discounting the bad sound track and the timer, Farmer Teds Tractor Rush is an adorable little game. You will love balancing the crates in your lorries while snaking on the farm mounds.