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Farm Express - Full Game Review

Farm Express - Full Game Review


Farm Express
Farm Express
Wanna know what it's like being a farmer and have your very own farm? It sure is very exciting because you have to make sure that your farm is take care of properly. One of the things you have to do is to harvest your produce and take these goods into the market. Are you up to this challenge of delivering vegetables into the market today? If you think you ready then you should try playing this game called the Farm Express game. In this article, we are going to explore this game a little bit further so that everyone will have an idea what to expect before playing this game in actuality.

This game belongs to the tractor/truck games category and is slowly becoming a hit to most avid gamers of today. The objective to the game follows a typical farming activity where you as the farmer (player) will have to deliver all your goods to the market using your trusty tractor. All of the goods will be placed to the trailer and it will be connected to your tractor to be taken into the vegetable market. Make sure to drive carefully to prevent your goods from being discarded along the way. Every piece of veggie counts because you will have to meet the number of goods required by the market or you will have to do another trip again just to complete the amount indicated.
Let's check out some important areas of this game and evaluate each of their performance:

1. Controls being used - This game uses the mouse and the arrow keys as the main controllers:

 - Up (drive forward)
 - Right (nose down)
 - Left (nose up)
 - Down (drive backwards)
 - Space bar (disconnect the trailer from the tractor/offload)

The game is played within a specific time frame. Make sure to deliver all the goods before the time is up.

2. Gaming concept - As mentioned, the game is typically patterned from the usual activity of delivering vegetables to the market. Skills in hand-eye coordination as well as proper balance of the vehicle is needed to ensure tractors running motion. Aside from that, you will also need to maintain a certain driving pace (not too slow or not too fast) to make sure that all your goods will be delivered on time and nothing is thrown on your way to the market. The game's level of difficulty is not that hard considering the task involved is focused only on the driving part and you don't have to avoid any obstacles along the way. This is recommended to be played by children aged 5-10 years old.

3. Graphics and design of the game - The intro page is designed to look more as an advertising page rather than a gaming page. It does not connote a feeling of interactive play because it seems like you are looking at a food promotional ad. The developers of this should make improvements concerning this area to make the game more appealing to the flash players.


The overall rating for the Farming Express game is 8 out of 10. So try this game today and have fun playing!

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