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Farm Express 3 Game Review

Farm Express 3
Farm Express 3
If you are willing to spend your spare time playing some wonderful online game, then Farm Express 3 is certainly is meant for you. This aesthetically beautiful yet pretty straight forward to play flash game, can easily make you an addict to it. The ultimate goal for this exciting flash game is to drive a tractor attached to a trolley, filled with items to take to the destination post.

How to play Farm Express 3

· Attach tractor to the trolley which is filled with the items by pressing the DOWN arrow key on the keyboard.
· Now by pressing the UP arrow key, move the tractor in forward direction and take it to the destination.
· Main task of the game is to reach the destination with required quantity of the loaded items.
· If you want to Nose Up the tractor, then press RIGHT arrow key on the keyboard. On the contrary, if you are willing to Nose Down, then press LEFT arrow key.
· UP arrow key is used to provide acceleration to the tractor.
· SPACEBAR is used to apply brakes to the tractor or to open the door at the destination post.
· Try to avoid crashing the vehicle against the door of the destination post.
· Each delivered items will let you collect 500$ which you can then use to buy upgraded version of the carrying trolley.
· Game has total 13 levels starting from 0th level to 12th level.
· First upgrade will be available when you accumulate the 3000$.
· Second upgrade to trolley will be available after reaching 12000$.
· Graphics and background music of this free online flash game are simply awesome.

In conclusion, we can say that Farm Express 3 is an excellent flash games for those who want to spend their free time without being bored. Another good thing about this game is that you can play it online absolutely free.