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Full Throttle With Extreme Quad!

Extreme Quad provides the gamer with an awesome, realistic feel along with a simple user interface that allows the player to literally jump right on and start racing. The game play is top notch and reminiscent of the latest video gaming systems, a quality that is hard to find amongst other quad games.

Each course requires you to navigate your ATV through a raceway littered with boulders, jumps, cliff faces, and other racers. The controls allow for a realistic all-terrain vehicle experience as a quick turn will get your vehicle drifting. Avoiding the obstacles may be difficult at first as you learn to control your quad, but as your comfort level with the vehicles handling increases, the game becomes more about finishing first than just surviving.

Beating out the other racers isn't the only goal though. Bonus stars are scattered throughout the courses that can be picked up to increase your score. Points are also awarded for average speed, so keep your finger on the throttle. The competition keeps getting tougher, as does the need to finish higher with every race.

Extreme Quad will take you through snow, sleet, mud and rain as you race through courses in the mountains, desert, beach, jungle, and even a volcanic geyser filled course that will literally blow you away. Keeping your ATV stable while going over jumps, ravines and rocketing through tunnels is hard enough, but the other racers will try to bump and grind you off the trail as well so keep them in your rear view.

The quality of the graphics is superb so you will need the latest version of Adobe Shockwave to play. You won't have to search for it though, just install from the site and play. So what are you waiting for? Strap your helmet on, fire up that quad and get racing!