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Double Decker London Parking Game Review

If you've ever been to London you know just how their streets are just not as wide as those you can find in the states, especially when you are driving a double decker, but that doesn't have to stop you from ensuring you're going to drive safely and get where you need to on time. To do so though, you don't have to worry about having a double decker to practice whenever you feel the need, because by playing Double Decker London Parking you can actually replace the real deal with a virtual clone.

In order to drive the bus you will only need to use the arrow keys and remember that in Great Britain you will actually drive on the opposite side. If you want to avoid any accidents and need to stop fast, you just have to use the spacebar for this. It is ok if you damage your vehicle a few times, but if the bar will go completely red, then you will need to restart the level.

On top of that, there are 3 different spots you will need to park in with each level. Be careful on the speed you have and also on the objects and other cars or busses on the street. You will find at times that parking a double decker is not as simple as you thought it would be, but with some practice and skill, you will manage to do it easily.

You will have to drive your vehicle through many levels, on different kinds of streets, some narrower, others wider, while others will just look very strange and really put your parking skills to the test. However, don't be discouraged. You are a really good driver if you go through the first few levels and the rest after you complete the aforementioned ones, will only be a bit more work, but not impossible!