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Christmas Tractor: A Good Game for the Holidays?

Christmas Tractor is an online flash game released in the holiday rush of 2012. Developed by Smiley Games, it has been garnering quiet a lot of attention online. So this Christmas, should you play Christmas Tractor or are you better off decorating the Christmas tree in your living room? Read on to find out.

The Plot

Christmas Tractor opens to a holiday-themed main page with snow crystals blooming out of the top and a Christmas tree gracing the bottom. The controls, outlined on the "help" page are simple: up key to accelerate, down to reverse and left and right keys to move in either direction. Your aim is to drive the tractor on the snow-covered ground, dodging obstacles and collecting candy canes for 100 points each.

Christmas Tractor: The Good

The playing screen is beautifully dolled up with white snow and a red tractor traversing it. The idea of level progression on the basis of amount of snow falling is also refreshingly new. Once you get the hang of it, Christmas Tractor can be interesting.

Christmas Tractor: The Bad

The graphic designers of the game have done a good job with the graphics but the obstacles that the tractor must dodge are designed not very differently from the background. As a result, the first time around, you may not even notice the obstacles and "crash" several times before getting a grip on the game's graphics. The sound track is a pretty Christmas carol playing on a loop. Alas, there are no variations in the sound track and the looped carol is all you get.

Also, Christmas Tractor is hideously prone to lag on slower connections. The tractor freezes in between movements.

Overall, Christmas Tractor is nothing special. The fact that it is vulnerable to lag only reduces its appeal. Give it one play (for you may like it) and then go decorate the Christmas tree in your living room.