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Get Crazy With Bus Madness

Racing games are the taste of the generation. Bus Madness is one such racing game, but unlike the conventional racing games for boys , in this game one has to deal with buses and this makes the game different and difficult. Bus Madness is an online flash game, so one can play it anytime without bothering about any downloads or installation in your computer or laptop. Bus Madness is becoming increasingly popular among the new generation. What makes this game stand apart from the rest of the bus racing games is the difficulty in managing the huge size of the bus. With each level the difficulty increases further. One has to drive past and beat other drivers to secure the first position. Tilted and crooked roads along with the tuned bus engines are every players delight.

There are three levels, and each level is faster and trickier than the previous one. Steep turns and a realistic look make the game all the more exciting. The instructions of the game are quite simple, the arrow keys must be used to drive and accelerate the bus. The right and left arrows are used turns. Now this is the trickiest part as most players tend to confuse the arrows keys and falter making a perfect turn. The entire game is set up in a city giving a realistic touch to the game. Space bar is used for brakes. One has to be careful of cracked roads. There are 6 laps in level 1 and a timer that records the time you finish the race. You have to be the winner if every level in order to win Bus Madness.

Bus Madness is a game in which one may not be able to fly the bus over the tracks but will definitely master the tricks to control a huge bus. Making turns at the corners is the most difficult part of the game and once you master that, you can easily win games after games. If you believe in your capabilities as a driver and you enjoy driving, Bus Madness is the perfect game for you. So get involved in the madness of this brilliant game.