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Box10 ATV 4 – What you need to know

Box10 ATV 4
Box10 ATV 4
For those who love ATV racing games, particularly the ATV Box10 series, you will surely enjoy the latest version – Box10 ATV 4. It is the most recent release of the designers of the game series. If you are planning to purchase this, it is important to take a close look on what this game has to offer.

Description of the game

As an overview, the Box10 ATV 4 is the latest rendition of the distinctive ATV game. Take note that this is also a kind of free game that is categorizes as ATV games. Similar to the earlier version, you will play the role of the rider riding on an ATV and drive your way through rocky roads as well as uneven terrain until you reach the finish line. You have to maintain both your speed and balance while passing through the bumps and hills of the terrain until you finish the race in the shortest time possible in order to score higher points. Throughout the game, you are only given one life, thus you have to keep yourself alive or you will lose a turn. You have to unlock all the 15 levels of the game while at the same time complete all the tracks in order to grab the title of the ATV racing champion.

Overview of Box10 ATV 4

If you want to play well in the game, it is important to evaluate the main parts of the game. First, you should be familiar with the game controls. Take note that the Box10 ATV 4 can be controlled by using the arrow keys and your computer mouse.

• Up (speed up)
• Down (handbrake)
• Right key (forward lean)
• Left key (backward lean)
• Mouse (intermediate interaction and menu)
All controls used typically follow the control arrangement that has been utilized in the previous Box10 ATV games.


In terms of the gameplay, Box10 ATV 4 sticks with the similar format on the previous series, but with improvement on the tracks that appear smoother along with the addition of steel railing for the bridges. You need hand-eye coordination and balance in order to play the game effectively. Nevertheless, the game is easier to play than the previous series. Young children will surely appreciate the game and will enjoy as each level progresses.


The graphics was considered mediocre unlike with the other series since it only displayed simple CGI images. Nevertheless, the fun factor of the game is still present and stays true to all the previous versions.


The Box10 ATV 4 game is definitely an enjoyable game that can provide both adults and young children with a challenge.