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The Cool Racing ATV Offroad Thunder

ATV Offroad Thunder is a cool racing game categorized as an uphill racing game. In this competition, the player is expected to makes some jumps and does stunts. The player makes different styles of stunts as he plays the game. Basically, the more styles of stunts that he makes, the more awesome his off road action becomes. In this competition, the winner is the player who gets to the end quickly than his competitors. Players must take caution not to fall off his ATV otherwise he risks loosing the game. Presence of nitro in the game determines the speed of the player in the game. The player should make an effort of collecting as much nitro as he can and fill his tank. The player can also win more bonuses depending on how well he is playing the game. The more the bonuses he wins the higher his score. The player can also collect gold which also add to his score.

The mode of playing the game is so easy and user friendly. Just as the rest of its kind, it uses arrows to control the race. The up arrow is used to drive while the down arrow acts as a back up. The left and right arrows are used for leaning. The space bar is used to jump while the Z activates the nitro. The nitro being activated is the one stored in the tank. It acts as energy for propelling the car to increase speed. The numbers one to seven are used for performing stunts. Each number has a different style and as noted earlier, the more the styles one makes the more awesome the game is.

For easier playing, the game provides the player with instructions which are very essential as he does not waste time thinking on what to do next. The player has an option of stopping or pausing the game to pick up in the next session. At the end of the game, he can decide to continue or quit the game.

The ATV  Offroad Thunder is a simple racing game for kids. In its review, the kids term it as very player friendly and are thrilled by the nature of events it portrays. Being a bit new in the market, it has been accepted by a major majority of kids going by the reviews. ATV Offroad Thunder has fascinating music and sound effects. Presence of different styles of stunting makes the children very thrilled about it.

The game can be played individually or in groups. Kids can decide to download the game or play it online. Some find it very challenging to play. Others regard it as a dumb game for reason best known to them.

While playing the game online, the kids are provided with an opportunity to rate the game. This game is essentially designed for car racing lovers.