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ATV Cross Canada Review

The net is littered with flash racing games or games that just let you drive your bike/car as fast as you can. If that is the case then what is the difference between game A and game B? Truthfully, nothing but the name. People like to play these games as a quick way of entertainment. If all the games are mostly similar then obviously people will become bored and one day might just stop playing any such games completely! Of course, that is the extreme case. However, it is true that a game must seem appealing to a player otherwise why would anyone play it? Players are more attracted to games that require the implementation of some sort of skills, just like quad bike games, not just holding the forward and accelerator buttons. Such a game is ATV Cross Canada.


So what is the game about? Simple, take your ATV to cross all Canadian terrains. Sounds pretty simple but that's just the beginning. Let us take a closer look at how you will play the game and exactly what you will play.


When you finish loading the game the two buttons you need to worry about are Start and Options. Do not go clicking on the start button before checking out the options. The options menu consists 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Hard and Sadistic mode. Choose the Sadistic mode if you are into extreme gameplays and not afraid of some mutilations and blood. Of course, the choice is always yours.


When you are done with the difficulty selection, click on the start button. Now you are finally there from where you can start playing the game. But be a little more patient and explore the buttons available at the lower part of the screen. There are ATV Shops, Achievements, Reset Progress and More Games. From the shop you can buy new driving suits and new ATV, given that you have enough money for the purpose. Throughout the game, you will unlock various achievements by performing different actions. You can view these achievements in the Achievements section (obviously). Obviously you can understand what the 'Reset Progress' button does.


Now, let us move on to the main game. There are total twelve levels. Naturally, the first level is unlocked for play. Click on the button marked as '1' and you will be taken to play the first round of skill, speed and balance. The game control consists total eight buttons, the keyboard arrow keys and the skill buttons: Z/1, X/2, C/3 and V/4. You can use either the numeric buttons or the alphabetic ones. The Up and Down arrows are for accelerating and breaking respectively while the Left and Right arrows are for leaning to the respective directions.


Once your ATV starts running you will be thrown off the cliff sides and into the air in no time. This is the where you get to show off your ATV tricks. Notice that there are four trick buttons at the bottom left corner of the screen. You can hold the trick button before landing on the other side to gain extra points. But the game is real fun only when you do some flip tricks. Just hold down the leaning buttons (left or right) and the trick button simultaneously to do a backward or forward flip. This will get you more points. If you survive the whole run and make it to the end, you will see your total points and money you made from the round. From there you can go visit the ATV shop or simply the next level.


You will only understand the true excitement of the game only when you play it.