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American Bus 2: Drive the Bus American Way


American bus 2 is a game that consists of controlling a bus. It's an online bus driving game. The up key is used to move the bus in the upward direction, the downward key is used to move the bus in the downward direction and the right and left keys are used to move in the right and left direction respectively. The spacebar button is used for braking. The bus has to park at the locations that have been highlighted. Colliding with the cars or hitting people would result in the loss of a life. Collision with the buildings is also not allowed. The game is very easy to play and instantly develops the user's interest. The bus has to be moved around on the roads and parked. The game consist of stages and the next stage is always difficult as compared to the stage accomplished which keeps on challenging the user to perform better then the last stage. At the end of every stage, the number of civilians killed along with level score, level number and total score is displayed.

The game consists of 10 levels. It also has some good background music along with the sounds of people shouting when the bus would hit them. Easy to understand instructions are available to help the user in understanding the game. A bit of the practice makes the user good at the game. The different maps at each stage do not make the game boring and the user is always expecting something new at the end of every stage. At the end of the 10 levels, the total score of all levels is added and submitted. The user can compete with people playing from all around the world and compare the scores. Driving the bus by avoiding people, cars and buildings to reach the required destination marked is the main purpose of the game.

The game is not very long and it only takes a bit of time to complete all the 10 levels of the game. Buildings are shown along with tennis courts at different places and helicopters hovering around. The sound of the helicopter moving around is also present. At the bottom of the screen, time left along with score, level number and life would appear. After failing a mission, the user has an option to retry the mission or move to next mission. At the top right corner of the screen, there is a button that can be used to mute the sound. The user has to complete the mission in given time.